The Marshalltown Finishers Tote is the perfect kit for finishing concrete. It comes complete with 48" magnesium round end bull float, Rock-It bracket and 4 handles, all carried in a handy tote bag for ease of transportation. The tote is made from a double layer of water resistant and durable nylon with multiple straps and pockets to hold a wide variety of other finishing trowels and tools with a bracket window to fit any length pole, bull float or fresno. This kit combines great design and Marshalltown quality to make it an essential tool for both specialists and general builders finishing large areas of concrete.

€523,22 excl. BTW



The perfect kit for any concrete finisher
Kit consists of 1 x 48" Round End Bull Float, 4 x Handles (72" length, 1 3/4" diameter), 1 x Rock-It Bracket, 1 x Tote Bag
Rock-It bracket allows multi-angle floating
Handles are constructed of thick-walled aluminium tubing, lightweight and has quick connect snap springs to lock handles into place